Saturday, November 23, 2013

Fabulous Forecast For Fox

With a fabulous forecast for Fox Lake area, I was determined this would be the destination for my first snowshoe trip of the season.  I put the idea out there and some friends were quickly on board to make it happen.  I was pretty sure we would have full outright ownership of the Lake and I LIKE THAT!  It was very cold gearing up at the Elk Pass Parking Lot but the forecast was for warming up so it was nice to have that to look forward to.  

We made our way to the official snowshoe trail.  By the looks of the trail, possibly we were christening it for the new season.  Right from the start, we had to work like a machine, taking turns breaking trail.  I knew though, we would have a long break from that when we reached the Elk Pass Trail which is a popular X-C Ski Trail and we could easily follow along right beside it.  Today, that wasn't the case.  The photo below depicts what that trail looked like.  Not a groomed trail, nor a skier to be seen. I LIKE THAT!  
With another snowfall or two, these dainty mounds will not exist!  
We arrived at the junction to where we would take a short cut up the little hill to the picnic table.  I accidently hit fish eye when getting ready to snap the photo.  Before switching back to the proper setting, I checked out the photo and thought I LIKE THAT.  So it's a keeper and this is it.
We take a short break at the picnic table.  
It was getting close to noon and it still did not warm up.  
meadow by the picnic table
It was time to leave Alberta and head to British Columbia.  A quick veer to the right from this expanse meadow would take us across the border.  This is my favourite spot along the whole trip.  I was tickled there was blue sky, dancing clouds and shadows to make for a photographers dream.  I LIKE THAT!
one kilometer to Fox Lake from this sign
go left for Fox Lake
We found Fox Lake and a great place that was somewhat sheltered and with this fabulous view.  Lunch was about thirty minutes.  It still did not warm up but the sun felt nice.  We bundled up.  We ate.  We frolicked.  We owned it. I LIKE THAT!  This is my destination shot at Fox Lake.  That is Mount Fox behind me and centre just above the tree line is where you would find Frozen Lake.
view of the Continental Divide on our return trip
To incorporate a loop, we snowshoed along Patterson towards the Hydroline. 
Such a pretty view from the Patterson Trail. 
We reached the Hydroline where we broke trail for quite some time along the official snowshoe trail.  It was taking forever so eventually we worked our way to along side the groomed trail.  We made up time there and then headed for the last downhill stretch back to the Elk Pass Parking Lot.  This was our last view before heading lower into the trees.
There was lots to like about today even though it never did warm up and at times it was challenging work making our way.  Some relished in the hard work.  It was one of those days where you feel pleasantly depleted at the end.  We were a strong, determined, happy, fun group today and I LIKE THAT!

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  1. I definitely 'like that!' Amazing how quickly winter casts autumn aside!
    Down Under we are tremendously grateful for the November thunderstorms that have regularly arrived during the past week. Over 4 inches of rain. The view of a brown, dusty golf course has rapidly turned to lush green. Hopefully when health issues improve we will be back hiking in the National Parks.


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