Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Classic As They Get

After yesterday's amazing day, I retreated to my campsite and enjoyed a fire and formulated a plan for today.  The Iceline Trail was as premier and awesome as it gets and today I would go for more classic and touristy yet still awesome.  I have completed the Lake Agnus, Big Beehive, Highline, Plain of 6 Glaciers + View Point a couple of times and this hike is a guarantee of being "left in awe" and I didn't want any "left in awe" doubts for today so went for it again.
A short drive east on the #1, a quick stop at the Village, arrive at the parking lot, gear up and by 9:08 I am at Lake Louise for a reflection shot and a few moments to own a small section before the entourage of folks take over which I see coming in my direction.  I made my get-a-way to get a way from them and aimed for the Lake Agnus trail head.
I worked my way quickly up the trail, visited Mirror Lake for a few minutes, then on to Lake Agnus.  
My favourite view point from the Lake and the Lake Agnus Teahouse is from the backside.  
I was on my own here!
As I made my way up the switchbacks to the Big Beehive I made note to look across to Mount Saint Piran.  When last over there I noticed these switchbacks and made a mental note to stop along the way and look across to the top of Piran to see where I would have been.  Yes, on top of that was where I was a few weeks back.  You can notice the Lake Agnus shoreline trail mid bottom just before where the reflection begins.
Lunch time on my own at the Big Beehive.
The larch trees have turned here and the snow will soon cover the Lake Louise ski hill right of the tree.
As I departed the Big Beehive, others began to arrive.  I knew the Highline Trail would be quiet and I made sure to enjoy that because there would be no more owning anything after I make my way onto the main Plain of Six Glaciers Trail.  Such a glorious view from this trail down to Lake Louise and the Chateau which looks like a little doll house.
I passed by the Plain of Six Glaciers Teahouse in favour of heading right for the Viewpoint. It felt like a struggle to get to the viewpoint today. It had to be one of the hottest days of hiking I have experienced in ages.  It was zapping my energy!
I took my lunch break low on the slope.  Before dining, I captured my summit shot.  Within the twenty minutes I spent here, there were two thunderous booms that rattled me but I could not see any activity.  Activity that was entertaining were unprepared tourisits trying to move along on this treacherous at times trail. 
View to Abbot Pass Hut.
On my descent, I noticed two horses on the lower trail.
How amazing an experience for those who love that sport.
Once the descent was done and the views of Lake Louise opened up, I finally felt energized.  I worked my way through the mass of tourists which I was O.K. with because I knew it would be this way and I choose to be amongst them.  This section of the trail was different this time around, I did not see a way to safely get to the middle section and play on the beach like terrain and in another section there was a trail of stepping stones through water where some stones were covered in water.  I was fine with leaving my boots on but I noticed others prefered to go barefoot.
I have completed this hike a few times now and I still appreciate the beauty.
I can still experience it as a new venture each time.
It's classic!  It's premier!
It's amazing!


  1. Hey!its Mike from COC
    Been with you on a few Hikes b4. Nice pics.

  2. Hey!its Mike from COC
    Been with you on a few Hikes b4. Nice pics.


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