Saturday, January 5, 2013

Hike-In Movie

During the drive home after our outing, while scrolling through my photos, I realized a plot was unfolding on my camera's screen.  Today's trek to GrassPass/BullCreekHills/BoundaryPinePeninsula was like a movie, a Hike-In Movie.  Being a day made up of developing scenes, players, a cameo appearance, and including opening and closing acts, I could not help but feel like I hiked into the middle of a movie.     

As we drove down the long stretch to the trail head, it was easily decided that today we would be hiking and not snowshoeing.  The lack of snow was welcomed considering it is winter and it is January.  We made our way up through the trees and arrived at the first opening, the opening act where the early morning light rendered Grass Pass looking golden.  
Our plan was for a portion to be out and back but to incorporate a loop also.  Once over Grass Pass, we headed towards Bull Creek Hills.   We were confronted with very little snow in the open areas and throughout the treed sections.  In close proximity of where we needed to be we were safe, yet just outside our boundaries were areas one would have to consider if they chose to venture there.  To ensure a safe and enjoyable day, we each played our part.  I volunteered for the part of Cornice Controller.  The others stepped up to fill the roles of Avalanche Advisor, Branch Bouncer and Post Hole Patroller 
The moon isn't necessary for a Hike-In Movie so we considered this a cameo appearance.
Along the way, we enjoyed the appearance of the gnarly trees and took time to play amongst them.
The views became wide open and offered up wonderful mountain scenes of Holy Cross and Mt. Head.
We reached our high point for the day along the Bull Creek Hills so I posed for my summit shot.
Once our photo shoot sessions were complete, we settled in for lunch.  In amongst boulders for semi-shelter, we savoured snacks and enjoyed another scene develop.  Early afternoon seems to be the time for clouds to put on their shows. 
Short Stop and I found a backdrop of rugged, scrambly rock where we could act out a small scene.
We completed the out and back to and from Bull Creek Hills, now it was time to carry on with forming a loop.  We trekked along the Boundary Pine Peninsula to where the famous Boundary Pine tree is located.  Due to the tree's notoriety and the beauty of this scene, I vote to rate this as the major act of our Hike-In Movie.  
Once again, a cloud scene unfolded.  We took some time and enjoyed the entire act before continuing along the Peninsula to where we would begin our steep descent, reconnect with our trail in, hence completing our desired loop.  
The light dimmed, the curtains began to draw and the closing act was complete. Then our attention turned to discussing favourite scenes, congratulating the players for their performances and offering our ratings.  What are players without directors and producers?  We had the best of the best today, Mother Nature!   Everything about today was award winning.  We appreciated being able to attend this premier event and hope the showings that follow are just as enjoyable for up and coming players.


  1. Excellent post of a beautiful place. Less snow than I would have expected. The photo set is outstanding and clearly represents the rugged terrain. Excellent photo of Boundary Pine and your retreat off that ridge is not one I have done. The Google Earth profile is a bonus. Congrats on a great new year beginning. Plenty of snow at Kananaskis Lakes and west of the Opal Range in Kananaskis Country.

  2. Barry,

    Thank you for your comment. This area is one of my favourite places to explore. Even on this day, we scouted out different directions to head off for further exploration at another time. It was fun finding our way down the peninsula.



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