Saturday, November 10, 2012

Field of Crosses

This morning I made time to honour those that have made it possible for me to have the freedom to live such a wonderful life!  Standing amongst all those crosses, I thought of my Dad and still cannot imagine what it must have been like for him as he fought for freedom.  This morning I watched the sunrise and gave thanks for the freedom to enjoy the start of a new day.  After the ceremony, after everyone else left,  I stood alone for a  moment and looked around at the field of crosses.   It stretched far and wide.  I strolled between row after row after row.  

Every morning at precisely sunrise the flags are raised!
between the crosses row on row
a reporter
glorious and free
a son?  a daughter?
a soldier
so many heroes
Tomorrow on November 11th, I will be joining friends to spend the day doing what we love!  


  1. Yet again you have made a strong impact with your pictures and words.
    Thank you

  2. Hi Helen,

    Thank you again for stopping by for a visit!


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