Monday, August 6, 2012

Waterton Lakes National Park Day 4

Early morning is my favourite time of day to take photos, in fact it is my favourite time of day in general.  I always sleep so well out in the wilderness in my tent and sometimes I miss sunrise but not today.  I made my coffee, which is an absolute must first thing, and took it with me as I checked out the very early morning sights close by.  Just on the other side of the trees from my tent, I caught the alpenglow performance.
Across the meadow, the sun begins to light up the peak.
I had my bear spray with me, prepared for any encounters. What I did not expect to see and what startled me when I heard the rustle in the bushes, was a baby moose running behind Mommy.  A little later in the morning, upon our return from the washrooms and without our bear spray, we spotted a black bear feeding in the bushes a mere 25 feet away.  We believe it to be the resident black bear and it may have been the same one I had an encounter with here two years ago.  I did not get to see its teeth, so was not sure if it was the same one.
After coffee,  photography, breakfast, and taking down the camp site, I hit the highway for home.  I had to stop at my favourite stop first.  Anytime I go to Waterton Lakes National park, I like to pull in here on the way home and have one last look at where I was.   It is always a beautiful scene and looks different every time I take a photograph here.  Yes, that is the moon in the top right corner.
I still have an $80.00 gift certificate to spend at a Restaurant in Waterton so I will have to go back another time.  (As if I need an excuse to go there.)  I have never been in autumn!  Hhmmm!!!

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  1. Sounds like such an amazing time! I love reading your trip stories.


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