Saturday, July 21, 2012

Talk About Being Long!

I made it official very early in the week that I would be hiking the full Mist Ridge Rickerts Pass Loop today and the effect I felt from the early declaration was that it made it seem like an extra long work week waiting for Saturday to come!   I had done a portion of this hike a few years ago but I had heard the part that I didn't complete was the most beautiful so I just had to go back and prove my source right.
We had a very early start to our day and that is just how I like it this time of year.  We were first in the parking lot trail head and first on the trail and saw only a dozen or so folks the balance of the day.   I don't understand why this is not a busy place but I sure like that it isn't.  When we finally got out of the forest, the views were spectacular immediately as seen in the photo of Mist Mountain below.
On the slope heading towards the south summit, I spotted these golden spotted eggs in a tiny nest nestled against a rock. If I had been a foot or two on either side of where I was, I would have passed right by.  I have no idea what they are. 
The south summit at 2432 meters.
View as we hiked along Mist Ridge.
There are lots of ups and downs on this long ridge.  We could see our last high point which is the north summit at 2515 meters.  It is the last beige bump and it looked like we still had a long way to go to reach it.
Two of my friends enjoying the Ridge top.
We reached an opening through a valley between two mountains and this is what we saw!
Calgary is a long distance away but it doesn't look like it here.
We made it to that last beige bump which was the highest point on Mist Ridge so this is where I choose to have my summit shot taken.  The long valley far below and behind me was an amazing sight to see.
We began our descent and headed towards Rickerts Pass.  I looked back to see a short portion of the long ridge that we just hiked along.   The tiny dots on the far right side of the ridge are two folks who also came to unbury this treasure.
We reached the official Rickerts Pass and wondered what this cross stood for.
Would any of you, my followers, know?
Every time I am out and about in my playground, I am thankful and very appreciative that I have my health, the time and the little bit of money that it cost to be able to enjoy what truly brings me joy.  Out of all those times, every once in a blue moon one of those times feels extra special and that was the case today.  I can't exactly put my finger on why those once in a blue moons happen, but when they do, I feel like I am "on top of the world!"

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  1. Awesome hike and so beautiful! You are very fortunate.


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