Sunday, June 10, 2012

Beauty and the Beast

The beauty of living in Calgary is having many unique places to meet friends for Sunday Brunch and for there being parks within the city where you can go to, to feel that escaping from reality feeling!  Given today's forecast for beast-like weather in the mountains, it was time to add something new to the mix:  meet hiking friends for brunch instead of to hike with!  The plan was for four of us to meet for brunch then go for a short stroll.

The plan for brunch held true but the short stroll turned into a long urban hike!
This was an opportunity to check out the damage from the recent wicked weather.  
Mother Nature can be a beast!  
The Bow River was flowing fast and furious!
What was a small green island just one day ago, no longer stood alone!
A bench with a view?  
There were many downed trees!
Only a large beast could have blown this tree over!
Scattered amongst the damage, beauty did exist!  
Fragile yet so strong to survive!
Alberta's hardy, delicate wild rose!
It was a great day sharing stories and laughs and the beauty and beast of Calgary!

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  1. There is a lot of water running. I just made my first run down the length of Kananaskis Trail to hike Picklejar Lakes. There were hundreds of spectacular waterfalls along the highway and significant snow pack remains at higher elevations. The trail above Lantern Creek was wet and muddy with mounds of snow at the pass but nothing that couldn't be handled fairly easily. Looking forward to reading about Craters of the Moon.


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