Saturday, March 10, 2012

I Declare a Snow Event!

The term "snow event" has become a contentious issue in Calgary.  When the city declares one, it makes the news, then the hard work commences with the plowers plowing through all the newly accumulated snow, as the local folks express feelings of differ then groan & moan.  While the population is happy the way is cleared, they are not happy about the whole process.  Well, a "snow event" can be a positive thing worth all the hard work and we proved it today!

Our plan of attack today was to complete a loop which would have us snowshoeing along the Shark Lake Trails, dropping by Watridge Lake, crossing over into Banff National Park for a visit, following the Spray River towards Spray Lake Reservoir then finding our way through the forest to connect up with the X-C Ski Trails again.  These trails were not plowed, nor groomed, neither cleared and not even track set.  That meant we were first on the trail and that's how I like it.  
We reached Watridge Lake and broke trail along side to the back side.  
The further to the back, the deeper the snow got where at times it was thigh deep. 
Our view as we took a short break. 
Carrying on with our snow event, we reached the bridge where the gorgeous views began.  
This area looked different today then when I was here just over three years ago on January 31, 2009.  I was expecting the river to be frozen and to be able to walk on top of it.  This time we hugged the side as much as possible staying away from the open water-way.
The view towards the Spray Lake Reservoir.
We were pretty much surrounded by beauty.
View to my left.
I kept looking back!
Directly in front!
Our dining spot had trees at our back and a wide open space in front.  We took the time to "breathe" which means much more then just breathing, then fueled up for what was to become hard work ahead plowing through the newly accumulated snow.  We reviewed our attack plan then carried on with this snow event.
The snow depth increased the further along we went, it was weak in spots and at those moments this stuff earned the name sh**, I moaned, some groaned, feelings of differ were expressed, not unlike the local folks back in the city during that kind of snow event.  At times we became thigh deep plowing through this sh** and even waist deep.  In my opinion, all the hard work dealing with this sh** was well worth it when you are afforded views like this.
We neared the last of the wide open space and it was time to begin the end of the loop.  
I looked back to get one last look before forging into the forest.  
After a short period bushwhacking through the forest uphill, we completed the loop as we joined up with the X-C Ski Trail.  Now we just had some up hills along the Trail before landing back at the trail head.  I was feeling thankful to have completed the plan of attack.  I loved everything about this snow event, so much so, that I needed to express the love!
So glad I got to share a snow event with all of you!


  1. Absolutely stunning photos! Aren't we just the luckiest people to live in places where we can get out and enjoy it?!?

  2. Gosh these pictures are just amazing! I am jealous, we dont have this kind of snowy beauty in socal


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