Friday, February 24, 2012

Seeing Red.....

.....isn't always a bad thing!
Reds really stood out in Waterton last weekend!  I went south with intentions of not just playing but having a couple of themes to focus on photography wise, with one being a specific color and the other being light.   The original color I had in mind was blue, hoping for lots of blue sky, but that wasn't happening and then I noticed reds being vibrant and popping and at times popping with a little help.

I found this boat in someone's side yard.  
It looked like it was hibernating.  
You can see a tinge of red reflecting onto the snow from the left side of the boat. 
I saw this entrance way along the main street.  
This place is obviously closed for the winter.  
I was surprised to see these windows were not boarded up as all others were.
If the sky was bright, the red wouldn't have been!  
Even though you can see the Prince of Wales Hotel, it's not the focus of attention.  
I was happy to "stop" here and enjoy the view!
I have that color accent feature down pack now.  
+1 means only red where as +5 means red plus shades close to red.  
See!  "Seeing red" can be a good thing!

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