Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hanging Out in the Hills

The forecast for today was to enjoy spring-like weather, hang out in the foothills, get caught up, all this while snowshoeing the Deer Ridge Trail in the Sibbald Flats area.  I was also looking forward to another opportunity to test my new camera and to try out my brand new hiker's tripod.  

The plan was to snowshoe but there wasn't enough snow at the trail head to bother strapping them on our feet so we strapped them to our packs.  As it turned out, they remained there the balance of the day.  The first portion was a pretty stroll through the winding aspen forest.  We had a hint every now and then through the trees of where our destination was.  
After taking that last little climb to the right to the out crop, this is where we ended up.  Distinct Mount Yamnuska is visible at the right.  We spent some time here enjoying the wonderful warm wind and.......
....firstly taking our summit shots....
...then just hanging out...
I brought a little bit of home to the hills!  While I brought tree decorations, Happy Hiker brought people decorations.  She is donned in her decoration and the tree is donned in mine.  Mine included a lighthouse of course, Santa in a kilt, a sailboat and a tartan stocking. 
Our lunch was a late one in a sunny spot with a view and little wind.  With not much distance left after lunch and still some daylight minutes to spend hanging out, we wandered around the field by Moose Pond.
The sun was getting low over the foothills creating pretty views through out the meadow and surrounding area.  It was perfect timing to arrive at this site.  The plaque reminded me to be thankful!
While the views from that rocky out crop at the summit were great, I remember as I walked through this meadow, I was thinking how beautiful it was right here and right now.  We enjoyed the spring-like weather, we hung out in the hills, we were all caught up, it was now time to head home!

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