Friday, November 11, 2011

Freedom to Explore

It has become an annual tradition for me to spend November 11th, Remembrance Day out in my playground being thankful and also this is the place I choose to be to take the time to remember those that fought for our freedom! When the invitation was put forth to explore the Powderface Ridge area on and off trail, I jumped at the opportunity.  I have never been before! This is the main ridge which we saved for later after exploring another area first.
It wasn't the prettiest blue sky day, but gorgeous none-the-less.  
There is Banded Peak in the far off distant center.  
Nihahi Ridge uniquely framed!
At 11:00, we found a nice sheltered spot to take a moment of silence.
Lest we forget!
While this was not our high point for the day, I thought it was a great spot for a dramatic summit shot.  This location was about 45 minutes into our hike and already we had forever views.
We tracked back and then ascended the slope to the main Powderface Ridge.  We only covered a very short portion of it before finding our dining spot.  What an amazing view!  My feet frame Calgary which is not recognizable in the photo but which I could see plain as day.
From here on in, we were off the beaten track and this is where the true fun started! We traversed, switch-backed, slid, tripped, bush-whacked down slopes, over rocks, through fields and meadows and more meadows and even more meadows.  The proof is in the track!
The meadering through all the meadows was to find this stove which we spotted just as we were giving up our seach and carrying on with ending our day. We spent some time here taking fun photos.  About 30 minutes after visiting here, we landed on a trail which would hopefully lead us back to Route 66 where we parked our vechicle for the shuttle back to the start.
We came out of the bush a little bit off track, so had a short distance to hike to the vehicle.  The car shuttle back to the start was an adventure in itself and what happened on the car shuttle stays on the car shuttle.  
This was a very easy day exploring and playing and a great way to acknowledge the freedom we have.  

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  1. A wonderful dedication, an acknowledgement too of how we are able to do so with the hard earned freedoms we all enjoy, and I very much appreciate each of your creative images too. Very nice post!


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