Sunday, September 4, 2011

Wilcox Pass Plus

The second "Premier" hike from "Don't Waste Your Time In The Canadian Rockies" that I wanted to do was Wilcox Pass and doing that today fit perfectly into my weekend plan.  After a great night at my campsite, I was ready to rock and roll early so hit the road early before there was lots of traffic.  
I made a couple of stops first along the way.
 What is a hike these days without reflection shots?  Bow Lake was beautiful!
 Waterfowl Lake was pretty too!
After all the extra stops plus the driving distance, by the time I arrived at the trailhead it was packed.  That was O.K. as I prefer not to be alone through the woods section.  I got out of the woods quickly and arrived at wide open spaces where I spent the majority of my time.  This is on Wilcox Pass looking forwards Athabasca Glacier.
This is zoomed in on the Glacier as far as my camera would allow me.   I've been there, on that bus, up on that snow, walking around on the Glacier.  It was a once in a lifetime experience for me only because it is crazy crazy busy with too many people and long wait times to get on the bus. 
I made it to the summit of Wilcox Pass and there's that Glacier again behind me!  I explored around some here before finding a great spot for a lunch break.  This is where most people stopped.  I watched four other guys carry on and I wanted to go where they were going!
So I followed!
The elevation was done, so this was a stroll for a few kilometers along a wide open meadow, by creeks and flowers, between mountains and over rocks.  It was peaceful and perfect.
I caught up with the guys and asked them to take my photo at what I determined would be my final destination along the Pass.  They were carrying on to Tangle Falls but not me.  I know my limits and this was it for today.  I still had to hike the 8km back while they had a car shuttle organized.
I watched them go off in their direction and I turned around and went in my direction.  I kept looking back admiring the view of this wide open meadow.   I now owned a few kilometers of this meadow.
I was glad when it was over!  It turned out being a hot day and I was dressed for a cool day.  I changed into my hot day cloths in the car and enjoyed the drive back to my campsite but not before making a few more stops for lake photos!  I couldn't just let this pass by without acknowledging it.
Once again, I was ready for my dinner, my fire, this time wine and my hubba hubba!  I fell asleep feeling happy for another successful day along the Icefield Parkway.  I thought too that I need to visit this area more often.  Camping makes it more accessible being a three hour drive from Calgary.  It may not happen this season but definitely next summer!


  1. Gosh these pictures are amazing, I hope to someday take a trip up to this area so I can see some of these sights and photograph them

  2. Your pictures are something of wonderful. I think that your job has to be "professional photographer".


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