Thursday, August 5, 2010

Avalanche Lake Glacier National Park August 5, 2010

The trail to Avalanche Lake leads away from the Trail of the Cedars, gradually changing from board walk to dirt trail, from log lined dirt trail to a narrow dirt trail to a winding tree-lined then bush lined trail.
The trail looked like it had been struck by an avalanche with thousands of downed trees and gigantic moss covered boulders just sitting along the trail.
The size of the tree trunks amazed me as did the different designs that showed on the trees that were cut.  This was my favourite.  
This one remained standing!  I almost didn't though when I had to lean way back to look up to the top!
Once out of the forest, there it was as big and as beautiful as could be!  Avalanche Lake!  Portions of it were littered with dead trees and that was not the prettiest but the rest of it sure was.  I followed the rocky and beach-like shore line to the far side.
The lake appeared to be a fisherman's dream! I would say a photographers dream too!  The whole back side of the lake was protected by a mountain range which had numerous waterfalls running down.  The sun wasn't in the right place for me to get a photo that does this place justice.
Halfway along the rocky shore, I hid a stone.  It should remind the finder to "cherish yesterday, live today, dream tomorrow." I sure dream of what my tomorrows may bring!
A few folks spent a couple of  hours at the back side of the lake, as I did.   I had my lunch.  I laid back and just daydreamed.  I thought how fortunate I was to be here.
I took the time to play!  I collected tree pieces and spelled out GLACIER.  I am sure others were wondering what I was up to.   Once I left, I looked back to see them hoovering over what I designed.   I wonder what their comments were!
I still had a long drive ahead of me back to St Mary so packed up my pack and hit the rocky shore back.  I preferred that over the bush and tree lined trail as it meant I was by the water the whole time.   I was glad to complete this hike when I did, because by the time I was finishing there were about hundred hikers just heading in.   I now know why this hike is popular and they were just about to find out too!

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