Sunday, June 13, 2010

Finding Passion

Life sure can be different when you fill it with things you are passionate about! More then anything for me lately, my passion is mountains. You probably already figured that out if you follow my blog. We headed up to the Moose Mountain Lookout today. We were in the trees for the first few kilometers then once we reached the tree line, we had amazing views in all directions. Once again, there is Banded Peak, in the center of the photo with the band just below the summit. Someday I will come visit you!
The topper of the day for me was when we got to witness the helicopter circle and then drop down to replace the propane tanks. The first time we were still a distance from the summit. The second time, the group had reached the top except for Agent-X and I. We were on the narrow ridge just before the top, staying low for balance as the helicopter flew over us and stirred up a hefty breeze.
A few minutes later we reached the Lookout. Mr. & Mrs. Lookout and the Lookout Dog were home so we were not permitted to go on the veranda. We picked the helicopter pad to sit and have our lunch.
Before sitting down to enjoy my Greek Pasta Salad, strawberries and two bite brownie, I signed the Guest Book. I put my name, the date, where I was from and a comment. My comment was "The helicopter made my day!"
Of course, I have to get my summit shot! The helicopter pad was a nice secure place to do my jump! It is pretty easy to get high off the ground when you are living out your passion!
Maybe you can find passion on Moose Mountain! It is there! Believe me! I put it there! If you go after passion, you will find it and it can make all the difference in the world to your life!
Some of us descended rather quickly over the first snowy steep part! My 60CSX told me I reached speeds of 15.8km/hr as I ran down through the pillowy lingering snow. I felt light on my feet and like I was floating on air. I found my passion!


  1. Amazing places. I like the picture where you jump.

  2. Excellent entry, love those mountains! And particularly the summit shot from the helipad, great views.


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