Saturday, December 12, 2009


WARNING! Always check the forecast! I did! Always go prepared! I thought I did! The forecast is not always right! It wasn't! I was not prepared for today's forecast of -18 Celsius dropping as the day goes on with a windchill of -38, overcast with flurries! This was what today looked like! Overcast? No! Flurries? No! Sunshine? Yes!

This was what today felt like! -18? Yes! Dropping temperature? No! Windchill? No! Less then 30 minutes into our snowshoe, I removed two upper layers, packed away my heavy hat and hot shot filled double mitts in favour of light gloves and a thinner hat. I wasn't able to remove one of my three bottom layers or my -44 boots! I was not prepared for the favourable conditions that were not forecasted!

We had reason to celebrate today! For that, we were prepared! One of the crew was celebrating her one year anniversary of being a Canadian Citizen for which she is very thankful for. I was happy I could share today with her!

The red maple leaf looked very pretty against the pure white snow. Any bright colour looked gorgeous today against the white, just like this orange snowshoe sign. You can't loose your way with markings like these to follow.

Although, after lunch at the Elephant Rocks, on the return trip, we did go off trail for the chance to play in the deep stuff. We looked for every little hill possible to experience that glissading feeling, some times standing up others times on our bottoms. The laughter was plentiful along with loud shrills from the thrills.

It was a very quick trip back to the trailhead. The fun wasn't over yet! After gearing off, we aimed for Woody's Pub for drinks and dinner. What a day! How fortunate were we! Amazing weather! Fun times! And then this! I have never seen a moose up this close! I could not believe the size of it. We watched for a bit, took photos and then it passed in front of us to cross the road. The legs were as tall as our car.

I had ideas of what today might be like because I have been to Chester Lake a dozen or so times. In all my trips, it never looked as beautiful as it did today! I was speechless at times! You may find that hard to believe but yes I was! You would have been too! My plan was that this snowshoe trip to Chester Lake would be the only visit there for this season! I am already nixing that thought! After a day like this how could I not go back to a place that makes me feel like I am "on top of the world!"

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  1. Alex, absolutely gorgeous pictures - how idyllic! So glad the weather forecast was wrong - sometimes that can indeed be a good thing. We are hoping for a little dusting of snow here tomorrow, but it will never be like what you have!


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