Sunday, November 23, 2008

River is Still Running and So Am I!

It's been so long it seems since I ran by the river! It's so pretty there this time of year!
I did the Crowchild Loop!
Sunny! Fresh! -4C!

I headed west around 8:30. It was a nice feeling to be running by the river again, I was feeling strong, I was feeling fresh just like the weather! My heart was singing and my eyes were beaming! Then BAM! For the first time since that dreadful day a few days before Christmas almost a year ago, I saw him. The wave and stare got my attention at the last second before we passed on the pathway. In an instant all the good feelings were erased away, I said something not so nice, very quietly under my breath. Having had to dig deep before and knowing I can, I quickly did and got myself right back up there to that high that feels so good! Now feeling stronger than ever, I had one of my best ever river runs!

The Chili is brewing! The sun is shining! I got my run in!

The Stamps are going to win!

Gotta run...oh no I don't I already did that...gotta go!


  1. Don't know the particulars of your situation (maybe I just missed those posts?) In any case, I've been in a similar place before. It stinks, especially when you've been having a good day.

    Stay strong, girl.

  2. For a moment there I thought you were talking about a bear but looks like it was even worse... At least you recovered soon enough ! Pretty pic of the river, looks like the snow and ice will soon take over completely.

  3. Good job not letting something outside of your control ruin your run and your day!

  4. Sounds like a lovely run. Too bad some joker can foul it up. I'm sure there's a story with this, but I'll take your good!

  5. Wow! the pics are beautiful. Can I come over for the chile?

  6. I can't believe some of the nice weather we've been having! Fingers crossed it keeps up for my 30 km run this weekend. Sorry to hear your run was marred by this person... :(


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