Saturday, August 2, 2003

Galatea Lakes August 2, 2003

Documenting Days Gone By
photos are scanned from prints
information is from what I wrote in a journal

Galatea Creek to Lillian Lake to Two Galatea Lakes
 August 2, 2003 - Saturday
Me, D.M., Y.

17km round trip
10:00am - 5:10pm
Sunny +30C
Moderate to Challenging

Great scenery!  I would do this hike again.  It was tough on parts where we had to walk on scree.  The colors of the lakes were beautiful.

Looking back:  Seeing this photo I realize I knew nothing back then.  I remember that shirt and those shorts they were all 100% cotton.  I did not know bear spray existed or that bears even lived in Kananaskis.  And so it begins...sporting pig tails.   

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