Sunday, July 8, 2001

Stampede Marathon July 8, 2001

Documenting Days Gone By
photos are scanned from prints
recap stories are  from what I wrote in a journal

The recap stories I wrote after completing races are very detailed and I wrote some very personal feelings which I never shared before.  I share all the words here word for word yet substituting initials for names.     

Stampede Marathon
July 8, 2001
email received from N. 

Recap Story 
(written on July 8, 2001 as soon as I got home)

Stampede Marathon I DID IT!  What an experience!  I can't believe I did it!  Boy did I do it!  I slept well and ate well.  Did not really feel nervous.  Stuck to myself and was quiet and just waited, until race time.  Went near the back of the pack.  Started out slow and seem to be doing about 6:00 km pace.  We ran through the Zoo which was pretty neat - seeing the tigers.  Then through Bridgeland and out onto Memorial Drive.  Still feeling very strong and keeping good pace.  There were aid stations every 3 kms.  I had my water bottle and also got water and Gatorade at the stations.  We followed along Memorial Drive which turned into Parkdale Blvd and then Bowness Road.  Along Bowness Road I saw the two leaders.  M. was at Home Road with the Policeman.  He saw me first and let M. know.  I told her he is cute.  Passing by here we are heading onto Stony Trail area and then back and onto the entrance to Bowness Park.  Just before this we passed the halfway mark which for me was at 2:04 and I'm still feeling strong.  It was nice going through Bowness Park.  It was shady and I'm thinking at this point it's probably mid to high 20s.  We go through Bowness area again and time is going on.  I'm still feeling good and we're onto 2 1/2 and to 2 3/4.  As we're coming towards Edworthy at the 32km mark I was at 3:14 in time.  I remember passing the medical tent, water station and going through the built wall and then it hit me.  I have to walk for a bit and then R. comes along.  Our walk breaks are at the same time and I feel I can stay with her.  She looks so strong and going pretty steady.  I am able to stay with her for awhile and we meet up with V., she's having a difficult time.  She said S. had to quit at halfway point, he was sick with a chest cold.  V. sticks with us for about 4 minutes then she has to walk.  After about 2 minutes I have to walk. V. catches up with me and we walk quite a bit.  We carry on walking and running a little bit.  There is a guy around us, too having trouble.  His legs are cramping.  As we're getting to the end going under Langevin Bridge, I know I'm going to finish and I want to finish strong.  The guy and V. and I start running and I'm feeling invigorated seeing and hearing the people and I can go- V. says if you guys sprint I'll kill you.  But I don't care and I go for it.  I hear and look to right and I see M. and wave, and then I hear and see B.  Boy am I emotional.  Then I hear D. on the left.  There's D., J., Y., N., C.  There's the finish line - 4:35 I pump my arms in the air, and I finish! 

I remember somebody had my arm - they took my number.  I don't remember the medal going over my neck.  But somebody had my arm asking if I was O.K.  Did I need anything. I said shade.  She took me in the tent gave me water, sat me down and she said drink up, she asked did I need anything was I O.K.?  I just said I was emotional because I didn't think I would be able to do it. V. came in said are you O.K. and she said she needed ice.  I drank my water and left the tent.  

J., D., N., C., and Y. were waiting for me.  Then M. came along.  They were so excited for me and proud of me.  I remember M. holding me and I was crying.  I was so emotionally drained.  We walked around for awhile and took pictures and talked.  Different people came up to me and congratulated me.  B. and his friend R. came over.  I was on such a high and still couldn't quite believe it.  But I did it, I completed a marathon!   


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